• Song:

    Fighting For You

  • Artist:

    Pirates of the Mississippi

  • Album:

    Walk the Plank

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C                 F#/D 
I don't know if I can recover 
 G                                ??? 
How can we be friends if we can't be lovers 
D            Em                A D 
Its killing me thinking of you with him 
D?                        F#/D 
Call it pride; Call it stubborn 
 G                                          ??? 
But I won't give up Til I know there's no other way 
A                D 
To start all over again 

'Cause there's just so much one man can take 
Even the strongest heart can break 
When the tears start to roll its like 
 ???                Em  A 
Trying to hold back the sea 
      C                            F#/D 
But I won't give up, you know how I am 
    G                        ??? 
I fight til I fall then make one more stand 
  D                A            D 
How can I lose fighting for you  
G        D        A                D 
Tell me how can I lose fighting for you 
Do  is a 
D played with an open E (Im not sure the correct musical note) 
F#/D  is the same do played with an F# (low E , second fret) in the bass note 
??? are two chords that I can hear on the CD, but don't have a clue
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