• Song:

    Some Things Never Change

  • Artist:

    Pirates of the Mississippi

  • Album:

    A Street Man Named Desi...

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D5                        A5     D5
While goin'through my oldrecordbin. 
B5                  G5
I pulled one out and gave it a spin. 
D5                   A5
And spring of 80 was back again. 
B5                G5
And you were in my arms. 


Though it's hinged on history. 

It feels so real to me. 

All those golden memories. 

Shine like a thousand stars. 


Seems like only yesterday 

We were so in love. 

Now a few old photographs. 

are all that's left of us 

D5                  G5
Time marches on it won't stand still. 
D5                G5
It drags me along against my will. 
D5                                A5
So little of my world remains the same. 
D5                    G5
You went your way and I went mine. 
D5                    G5
Now the only constant truth I find.is 
I still love you. 
G5   A5      D5
Some things change. 
My old cars seen it's better days. 
I know that I should give it away. 
I keep it for the memories sake, 
I just can't let it go. 
Sometimes i'll make believe, 
You're right here next to me. 
Cruin' down those familiar streets, 
Listnen to the radio. 
I know I shouldn't call you, 
I know he gets upset. 
But i needed to remind you  
of what I can't forget. 
(repeat 4)
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