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    Palace Of The Brine

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  • Album:

    Ed Is Dead (1991-12-22:...

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Palace Of The Brine

Intro: Bb

     Eb         Ab     Eb
In a place they say is dead
                   Ab      Eb
in the lake that's like an ocean
               Ab       Eb
I count about a billion heads
                              Ab  Bb
all the time there's a motion
              Ab    Bb               Ab
Palace of the Brine    Palace of the Brine

I saw the cloning
of the famous family
I heard the droning
in the shrine of the sea-monkey
Palace of the Brine Palace of the Brine

Beneath reflections in the fountain
the starry sky and utah mountains
they are swimming happily
can't you see
a life that's so sublime palace of the brine.

By: Jos? Duarte
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