• Song:

    Good Fortune

  • Artist:

    Pj Harvey

  • Album:

    2001-06-30: The Green S...

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Am G                                C 
Threw my bad fortune of the top of a tall building I'd rather have done it with you 

Your boy's smile five in the morning looked into your eyes and I was really in love 

In Chinatown hung over you showed me just what I could do 

Talking about time travel and the meaning just what it was worth 

Things I once thought unbelievable in my life have all taken place 

When we walked through little Italy I saw my reflection come right of your face 

I paint pictures to remember you're too beautiful to put into words 

Like a gypsy you dance in circles all around me and all over the world 

So I take my good fortune and I fantasize of our leaving 

Like some modern-day gypsy landslide, like some modern day Bonnie and Clyde 

On the run again 
Am G C D 
And I feel like some bird of paradise, my bad fortune slipping away 
Am G C D                                      F G 
And I feel the innocence of a child, everybody's got something good to say
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