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    All That I Want

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    All That I Want: Live P...

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Key: B5 

B5  A5  E5  G5  B5  A5  D5 
Verse 1: 
B5   A5    E5   G5 
My   soul sings 
       B5     A5        E5 
To my Saviour King of Kings 
B5    A5   E5   G5 
I     need You 
B5      A5     D5 
You are everything To me 
Verse 2: 
B5   A5    E5   G5 
I    love You 
        B5       A5    E5 
So much more than anything 
B5   A5        E5   G5 
I'll  live for You 
      B5     A5    D5 
Jesus You are everything 
E5               B5  A5 
You're all that I want 
                   G5   E5 
You're all that I need 
You're all that I want 
                   A5                G5 
You're all that I live for in this world (repeat)  

B5  A5  G5 
Je -  - sus 
B5      A5    G5 
You are all I need 
B5  A5  G5 
Je -  - sus 
B5      A5     G5 
You are everything 
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