• Song:

    Canary In A Coalmine

  • Artist:


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The Police: Canary in a Coalmine
Zenyatta Mondatta (A&M Records)
Bass Performance by Sting

Transcribed by Andrew Martin(Sir12_8@hotmail.com)

Main Riff:

    e s s s s e q e e 4  e s s s s e q q   e s s s s e q e e

  e s s s s e q e e 2
+---r----------------+  The repeats vary sometimes, play with the song,
|-2-e-2-2-2-4-------*|  it isn't hard to figure out.

Other Part

    e s s s s e q e e 2  w  +w

It's played on a fretless, but sounds good either way.
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