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    Don't Stand So Close To Me

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"Don't Stand So Close to Me" by The Police 
Words and music: Sting
Transcribed by Mark Offen 

Verse 1:

Eb     F  Eb     Eb   F  Eb
Young teacher   the subject

Gm   F          Gm  F
Of school girl Fantasy.

Eb   F    Eb   Eb   F  Eb
She wants him   so badly,

Gm      F       Gm      F
Knows what she wants to be.

Eb  F   Eb   Eb       F  Eb 
Inside her   there's longing,

Gm    F         Gm    F
This girl's an open page

Eb    F  Eb    Eb         F    Eb
Book marking    she's so close now.

Gm    F      Gm        F
This girl is half his age.


D       A   D      A       Bm       A        D7      Em
Don't stand Don't stand so Don't stand so close to me

D       A   D      A       Bm       A        D7      Em D7 Em    
Don't stand Don't stand so Don't stand so close to be.
Verse 2

Eb    F     Eb  Eb  F  Eb
Her friends are so jealous

Gm   F       Gm        F
You know how bad girls get

Eb   F     Eb  Eb     F Eb
Sometimes it's not so easy

Gm  F     Gm       F
To be the teacher's pet

Eb   F  Eb  Eb  F  Eb
Temptation frustration

Gm  F      Gm       F
so bad it makes him cry 

Eb   F   Eb  Eb    F   Eb
Wet bus stop she's waiting

Gm  F      Gm       F
His car is warm and dry


Verse 3

Loose talk in  the class room
to hurt they try and try.
Strong words in the staff room
the accusations fly
It's no use   he sees her
he starts to shake and cough
just like the old man
in that book by Nabakov.


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