• Song:

    Not A Lover Yet

  • Artist:

    Polite Sleeper

  • Album:


Official band page: politesleeper.com
Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polite_Sleeper
If you need to know exactly, this song is from their LP Seens


I've really been missing some tab for this awesome song, so 
I just went ahead and did it myself. Here you go people, enjoy!
I chose intermediate as difficulty because of the speedy folk 
strumming pattern. Took me a while to get used to. 
Other than that the song is actually really easy to play.

Capo 4 (Standard tuning)

Chords used:
  Fmaj7 Cadd9 C6sus2 Csus2

Intro: G Dsus2 G Dsus2 G Dsus2 G

G                                                Dsus2
  I spent the last few years really struggling yeah
From fighting urges and just screaming through
All the friendships and the fuckups
        Em          G       C
And the nights that got away from us

G                                            Dsus2
  So I lined up a bottle for each question asked
I closed a chapter on a city that contained most
And landed in some outer borough
        Em            G              C
Where I picked up the keys from your neighbor next door

G                                                         Dsus2
  You may have been bounced around yourself now once or twice
You may have mentioned it when we were passing in the night
But oh! I remind you of a place you come from
            Em       G                C
I said, you probably should take more pride in that

Fill: | C Cadd9 C Cmaj7 |

Fmaj7           C 
   And I see how we drifted apart
Fmaj7                           C                Fmaj7
   I'm only comfortable looking at you when I talk
You've been a good friend,    darling
         G          C
But just not a lover yet

G                                                Dsus2
   So we spent the best years painting pictures of
The adults we knew or the adults that we were running from
But oh, the things I could've said to you then
           Em           G            C       
If I'd the man speaking for the boy I was back then

  Those were last words I said when I was 17
I    look at you now and I think,
Oh my God, I'm about as together and with it
                Em   G       C
and clever as I ever was back then

Fill: | C Cadd9 C Cmaj7 |

But I see how we drifted apart
I'm only comfortable looking at you when I talk
You've been a good friend, darling
But just not a lover yet
     Fmaj7    Em    C                  Fmaj7
 But old----  bones hold in place these dates
         Em    C                Fmaj7             
 Old---- bones carry me where I am

End: | Fmaj7 C6sus2 C Csus2 | C |
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