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The Posies
                       Coming Right Along

Tuning: High e goes to > C
             B         > Bb
             g         > Eb
             d         > C
             a         > G
        Low  e         > C

I?m writing this to try and provoke people of a higher standard than me to look at the
again and try and come up with a more in-depth tab to really do this song justice.  The
tab was great and it?s been up on the net for a number of years but its still missing so 
 The lead parts/intro/solo etc would be much appreciated by many.  Come on dudes
work it out, the song is unbelievable.

Note: First get the tuning spot on for this song.  Use some reverb and delay try and get
natural over drive out of your Amp but not too much distortion. He?s using some other
here but im not entirely sure what??

Parts of the Verse in no particular order! Play around with this, there are lots more
and pull-offs that work.
|G----------------5---- 5------------------------8-7-5-7-------------------|

Chorus parts
Please??..be strong?.. Again play around with this to get the timing and feel etc
|---8-(X3 or 4)-7-------5-------0---0------------------------------------|

This is as much as I can figure out.  I can?t urge everybody enough to study this song
figure out the lead parts and the song in its entirety there is no reason why somebody
there couldn?t do it. It only took me 10 mins to do this and put it up.  I know the tab 
far from accurate but its my first tab and its more of a guide really.

The Basket Ball Diaries sound track rules I love it to bits!!


Mark in N. Wales the UK
Sept 2009

Any comments to mark_wil@hotmail.co.uk
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