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    Whatever Makes You Happy

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Whatever Makes You Happy by Powderfinger

I'm not sure if it's completely right, I'm kinda fuzzy on the Em so any suggestions are welcome. 
The chords are pretty basic so I won't bother with the frets or anything like that. 

Intro: Chord progression- F,C,G,Em,Am,A,D x2

       F     C       G          Em         Am    A        D
If we never make it back to how far we've come along this way
We search around for solid ground that will help to carry us away
If the memories I left throw the light that helps to guide you through
We trickle down to our goodbyes but part of me will stay with you.

G             C     F       C  
 What we've spoken over time
 Never broken or compromised

G     D    F      C
Dream on together
Leaning against each other
However it happens

G              D                F
I hope it's whatever makes you happy
F                        C
Whatever makes you happy

Repeat chorus a second time (but not pre-chorus) and end on G.
You'll have to listen to the CD to get all the chord changes 
in the right places, but this should give you a rough outline.
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