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I am 14 and I learned the song by ear... I just started playing 2 months ago 
though... Hope you like it! :D

1st Verse

G (320003@1)          D (xx0232@1)               Am (x02210@1)        CLight (x32010@1)of the world, You stepped down into darkness
G (320003@1)       D (xx0232@1)           COpened (x32010@1)my eyes, Let me see
G (320003@1)         D (xx0232@1)         Am (x02210@1)     CBeauty (x32010@1)that makes, This heart adore you
G (320003@1)        D (xx0232@1)          CHope (x32010@1)of a life spent with you


G (320003@1)                   DHere (xx0232@1)I am to worship, Here I am to bow down
             Em (022000@1)              CHere (x32010@1)I am to say that your my God
                  G (320003@1)                 D (xx0232@1)   
You're altogether lovely, altogether worthy
           Em (022000@1)         CAltogether (x32010@1)wonderful to me

2nd Verse

G (320003@1)          D (xx0232@1)         Am (x02210@1)     C (x32010@1)King of all days, oh so highly exalted
G (320003@1)          D (xx0232@1)     CGlorious (x32010@1)in heaven above
G (320003@1)         D (xx0232@1)         Am (x02210@1)        CHumbly (x32010@1)you came to the earth you created
G (320003@1)            D (xx0232@1)      C (x32010@1)All for love's sake became poor


Bridge (x2)

Am (x02210@1)  G (320003@1)       CI'll (x32010@1)never know, how much it cost
    Am (x02210@1)   G (320003@1)   CTo (x32010@1)see my sin, upon that cross

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