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Slip Inside This House by PRIMAL SCREAM Bass Tab

Tabbed by BEANS (don't ask why)

Awesome song, my favourite on Screamadelica mainly cos of the funky bass riff, gets me 
This song uses slight distortion on the bass to give that funky edge to it, not much 
though, you'd still get away with a normal bass sound. If your using your bass amp, turn 
down to zero and the bass up between 3/4 of the way and full bass. Funkadelica! (That was bad....)
Drop the E string down to D.
Here's the main riff....

G: ---------------------------------------------|
D: ---------------------------------------------|
A: ------------1-2-2----------------------------|
D: 4-4-0-0--------------------------------------|

and here the chorus riff...

G: ---------------------------------------------|
D: ----0---0-2----------------------------------|
A: --2---2--------------------------------------|
D: --------------4-4--0-0---2-3-3-2-------------|

Hope that's helpful, don't think there's anything else to it!
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