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Heres primal Scream with uptown, (beautiful future album) nice n easy to be honest, but 
smooth low sound!! throw in some of your own styling or what you think, these are the 
riffs! email me at sean_p90@hotmail.co.uk for any improvements etc!


G |---------|--------|--------|--------|
D |---------|--------|--------|-5------|
A |-5--77-7-|-5-77-7-|-5-77-7-|--45 77-| repeat as necessary
E |---------|--------|--------|--------|


G |---------|---------|--------|--------|
D |---------|---------|--------|-5------|
A |-53-33-3-|-41-11-1-|-5-77-7-|--45-77-|  repeat as necessary
E |---------|---------|--------|--------|
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