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    One Kiss At A Time

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One Kiss at a Time
from Emancipation (1996)
by Prince

This is my own interpretation done "by ear". I think it sounds alright. This is the song 
for guitar.

       F(addG)	              Am7Oh, (x02010@1)I see this is what U wanted

Cm7          Bbmaj7 (x13231@1) Bbm(maj7)
One kiss at a time
          F(addG)         Am7(I (x02010@1)got 2 be) I got 2 be up on it

     Cm7           Bbmaj7 (x13231@1) Bbm(maj7)
If I want 2 make U mine

Verse 1
F(addG)     Am7 (x02010@1)     Cm7              Bbmaj7 (x13231@1) Bbm(maj7)
   This is something every girl should know

F(addG)            Am7 (x02010@1)        Cm7           Bbmaj7 (x13231@1) Bbm(maj7)
   Every part of U comes alive when U take it slow

F(addG)                           Am7 (x02010@1)  And every nervous twitch that happens

Cm7               Bbmaj7 (x13231@1) Bbm(maj7)
when my tongue is there

F(addG)                     Am7Your (x02010@1)lips, up and down your back and

Cm7          Bbmaj7 (x13231@1) Bbm(maj7)
every single hair

  Abmaj7 (xx4321@3)          Bbm7It (x13121@1)all makes up the beauty

Cm7           Dbmaj7Of (x43111@1)your grand design

Gm7				 Db?
  Every man has got a duty, and 2night I want 2 do mine

Verse 2 (same as Verse 1)
This is something every man should see
Give your woman what she wants and give her what she needs (What she
needs {x3})
Ask her in a whisper that only 2 can hear
What can I do, what can I say, baby? Forget your every single fear
Slowly I pull your strap down and touch you as if to heal
Layer by layer, inch by inch, till your true love is revealed

   Dbmaj7 (x43111@1)  Ebm7If (x3131x@4)every man could love their woman

    Dmaj7 (xx0222@1)    CThe (x32010@1)way that I love you

            DbTime (x43121@1)would stop

N.C.		  C7(and (x32310@1)two Riffs)
And the sky would fall

    Bbm (x13321@1)             Bbm7 (x13121@1)C7And (x32310@1)all could see the glory

Amaj7/F	        D?
That true love could be, that's what I see

NC       Bbsus2 (x13311@1)  FOhhhh, (133211@1)    I	   see

Outro (same as verses)

Guitar parts

Riff 1 (transcribed for guitar)

Bass riff ("Sky would fall" part) - transcribed for guitar
" fall "

Bass riff cont'd (notes match sung syllables)
..and all could see the glory  "

"Seagull" guitar Riff

Chords (EADGBE)

Am7 (x02013)
Cm7 (x35323)
Bbmaj7 (x13231)
Bbm(maj7) (xx3221)
Abmaj7 (4655xx)
Bbm7 (x13121)
Dbmaj7 (x46564)
Gm7 (353333)
Db? (x4566x)
Ebm7 (x68676)
C (x32010)
Db (x4666x)
Bbm (x13321)
Bbm7 (x13121)
C7 (x32310)
Amaj7/F (1x101x)
Bbsus2 (x13311)
F (133211)

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