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    Stick The Fucking Flag Up Your Goddamn Ass You Sonofabitch

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Here's a rock, distorted electric guitar song simplified into only chords. Faster 
to learn by heart. So you can do it while singing around a campfire... funny.

Stick the Fucking Flag Up Your Goddam Ass, You Sonofabitch
by Propagandhi
from the album How To Clean Everything
first published in 1993
on Fat Wreck Chords

Probably the punkiest (not the heaviest, not the greatest) album of the  twenty 
last years, in the middle of this big real shit that loves to call itself punk 
rock. Rise Against ain't punk rock, neither is NOFX or Bad Religion. Or any of the 
bands on Fat Wreck Chord. It's not punk because it's indie. Anyways. Propagandhi's 
HTCE is probably not punk neither, but one of the nearest. Punk music is dead in 
1977. Punk is dead when it got a name. Punk died when people started to claim they 
doing punk rock. The Stooges is punk. Velvet Underground. David Bowie. The 
Pistols. The Doors are. Punk. Rockers. Yup. Lou Reed, man. Here's the song.

E5 B7 C D5 G5 G5/F#             2x

E5 B5 C5 D5 G5 G5/F#            2x

E5         B5                C5          D5       G5   G5/F#
My father told me son, it's futile to resist,
E5             B5    C5                     D5       G5   G5/F#
You can topple ideology but not the armies, they enlist.
E5               B5                C5                  D5     G5  G5/F#
I questioned the intentions of the boy scouts chanting war.
E5                       B5              C5                     D5     G5  G5/F#
Well that's the sound of freedom, son he said.  (free to say no more.)

E                C            D            G5     G5/F#
But wait a minute dad, did you actually say freedom?
E                              C
Well, if you're dumb enough to vote,
        D                    G5     G5/F#
You're fuckin dumb enough to believe 'em.
E                  C       D      G5     G5/F#
Cuz if this country is so goddam free.
E                      C                     D           G5    G5/F# 
Then I can burn your fucking flag wherever I damn well please,

E5*  D5//E5*//D5   2X

        E5*            D5//E5*//D5       E5*            
And I will stick the fucking flag up your ass


E5*  D5            D5/C#       C5             B5  A5  G5  F#5  B5 A5 G5 C#5  
   I carried their anthem, convinces it was mine.
E5           D5          D5/C#    C5         B5  A5  G5  F#5  B5 A5 G5 C#5
Rhymeless, unreasoned conjecture kept me in line.

E5*                       C                 D             C5         G5   C#5
    then I stood back and wondered what the fuck had they done to me.
E5*                  C                     D                     C5   G5  C#5
  Made accomplice to all that I'd promised I would never fucking be.    Never be.

E5*  D5//E5*//D5   3X

E5*  G5*

E5*  D5         D5/C#      C5              B5  A5  G5  F#5  B5 A5 G5 C#5 
You carry their anthem convinces that it's yours.
E5*  D5       D5/C#       C5        B5  A5  G5  F#5  B5 A5 G5 C#5
Initiation to honor - invitation to war.

E5*                       C
Bette midler now assumes sainthood.
  D                     C5     G5  C#5
Romanticize murder for moral.
E5*                           C
Tie a yellow ribbon round the oak tree my friend,
   D                  C5     
And gee wally, that's swell!
G5        C#5       E5*
Fuck the troops to hell!

D5//E5*//D5  E5*

D5//E5*//D5        E5*
Fuck the troops to hell!

D5//E5*//D5  E5*                   G5*


Here's how to play the chords.

E5      022xxx
B7      x212xx
C       x325xx
D5      x577xx
G5      355xxx
G5/F#   255xxx
B5      x244xx
C5      x355xx
E       0224xx
D       x577xx
E5*     x799xx
G5*     x10.12.12xx
C#5     x688xx
F5      422xxx
A5      577xxx

I think they're all there. 
I might update one day to clarifie the muted part.
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