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Torch by The Psychedelic Furs
From the album "Book of Days"

Capo the 3rd fret and play the D, A, and G as open chords (barre the F#m, of course).  
this isn't exactly how the P.Furs play it, it's pretty close!  :-)

!!! Capo 3rd Fret  !!!

D = xx0232
A = x02220
G = 320033
F#m = 244222

Or, if you don't have a capo handy, you can use the following chord substitutions:

F = 133211
C = x32010
Bb =113331
Am = x02210

D                        A
      a thousand rainy days and I

D                     A
      spoke on tongues that talk of saints

D                            A
      burned down days like cigarettes

G                   A
      for your hollow praise

D                    A
     down the days that you forget

F#m                G
      count the pictures that you keep

D                 A
      keep it, hide it all away

G             A
      let it never show

      all of this and i regret not a day that i was sent...

D   A   D   A   D   A    
(Cello Solo)

Repeat the chord progression above for the remaining verse and chorus.

Send comments or corrections to briangomez@adelphia.net.  Cheers!
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