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Puggy "When you know" 

     Am: 577555
     C : x3555x
     F : 133211
     E : x7999x

     Am                     C                           F
  I made it to the city of Lax before that you cover my life 
      C               E
  and that's the only one I got 
  Now they're gonna make me despair 
  theyll make me pay for the air 
  that's the only one we got 

   Woohoo-ooh, .....;

     Am: x02210
     C : x32010
     F : 133211
     Dm: xOO231
Am                  C
Something tells me everybody hates me 
F                        Dm
what you got to do to be right 
     Am            E             Am
When you know, When you know, When you know
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