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    Hits (UK version with 1...

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Bad Cover Version, by Pulp on WE LOVE LIFE album.
Now we can all do our own bad cover versions. 
(Martin Hollingham m.hollingham@bangor.ac.uk) 
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Intro  D/Dmaj7      Em/Em7     A/A6             X2

D                          Em                    A
The word's on the street: you've found someone new. 
D                          Em                 A
If he looks nothing like me I'm so happy for you. 
C                A                D        F#
I heard an old girlfriend has turned to the church - 
C                A                           D
she's trying to replace me, but it'll never work. 
'Cos every touch reminds you of just how sweet it could have been 
Em                              G                      
And every time he kisses you it leaves behind the 
bitter taste of saccharine. 

A bad cover version of love is not the real thing. 
Bikini-clad girl on the front who invited you in. 
Such great disappointment when you got him home - 
the original was so good; the one you no longer own. 
And every touch reminds you of just how sweet it could have been 
And every time he kisses you, you get the taste of saccharine. 
It's not easy to forget me, it's so hard to disconnect
When it's electronically reprocessed to give a more life-like effect.

(Not really sure of the chord here probably G)                     
Aah, sing your song about all the sad imitations that 
got it so wrong
D                                         Em           
It's like a later "Tom & Jerry" when the two of them 
could talk
         A                G                      
Like the Stones since the Eighties, like the last days 
of Southfork. 
D                                     Em                     
Like "Planet of the Apes" on TV, the second side of "'Til the Band Comes in"
Like an own-brand box of cornflakes: he's going to let 
you down my friend.
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