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Punch Brothers version of the traditional

Standard Tuning
Capo 1

Intro (as verses):  
G (320003@1)/    C (x32010@1)/  /  /    G (320003@1)/  /  / 
D (xx0232@1)/    Em (022000@1)/  /  /    D (xx0232@1)/  /  / 
D7 (xx0212@1)/    G (320003@1)/  /    G/E (020003@1)   D (xx0232@1)/  /  /
Bm (x24432@1)/    C (x32010@1)/   Am (x02210@1)/    
D7/D  /    D7/C (030212@1)/   D7/B  /   D7/A  /    (D7 with A (x02220@1)D-C-B-A bass run)

Verse 1:
     G (320003@1)        CI've (x32010@1)been a moonshiner 
                   GFor (320003@1)seventeen long years 
     D (xx0232@1)          EmI've (022000@1)spent all my money 
               DOn (xx0232@1)whiskey and beer
     D7 (xx0212@1)       GI'll (320003@1)go to some hollow 
         G/E (020003@1) DAnd (xx0232@1)set up my still
         Bm (x24432@1)       CAnd (x32010@1)I'll sell you a gallon 
      Am (x02210@1)       D7/D    D7/C (030212@1)  D7/B     D7/A
For a ten dollar bill

Then I'll go to a bar room 
And drink with my friends
Where the women can't follow 
And see what I spend
God bless them pretty women 
I wish one was mine
Because their breath is as sweet
As the dew on the vine

Give me food when I'm hungry 
Give me drink when I'm dry
A dollar when I'm hard up
Religion when I die  (and only then)
If this whole world's a bottle 
And life's but a dram
When the bottle is empty
It sure ain't worth a damn

I've been a moonshiner 
For seventeen long years 
I've spent all my money 
On whiskey and beer
I'll go to some hollow
And set up my still
If the whiskey don't kill me
  Am (x02210@1)            DI (xx0232@1)don't know what will

Transcribed:  S. Maria  Feb 2013

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