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Two Lane Highway - Pure Prarie League

Intro: [B] [D] [A]
[E] Soon it [C#m] will be time to [D] go, [A]
[E] I don't want to [C#m] leave I guess you [D] know. [A]
[C#m] Maybe somethin' new will come [B] up,
And I can come [Bm] home, for just a few more [E] days.
Get off this,

[A] Two [C#m] lane [D] highway, [B]
It's goin' [D] my way, [B] movin' [E] fast.
[D] Two [C#m] lane [B] highway,
Is takin' me [Bm] home, [D] home at [A] last.

[E] You don't [C#m] want me sleepin' [D] in, [A]
[E] You turn a- [C#m] round I'm back a- [D] gain. [A]
[C#m] I guess this time I'm really [B] gone,
But it don't seem [Bm] right, I've been up all [E] night.
On this,

Solo 1: (over verse chords)
Solo 2: (over verse chords) 
Takin me [Bm] home, [D] home at [A] last,
Takin me [Bm] home, [D] home at [A] last.
[Bm] [D] [A] x 2
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