• Song:

    Elementary Penguin

  • Artist:

    Purple Gekko

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Elementary Penguin
by Purple Gekko
Hollow Records

G           Bb/G
Sail out to sea,
        D         C
in my Yellow submarine,
G             Bb/G       D     C
Playing? the field back home,
     G          Bb/G           D        C
No complicated mind games, just wanting?
               G       Bb/G   D    C
A life on the open road,     yeah!

D                        Em
And the future looks so bright,
D                        C
As all our dreams take flight,


Wanting to be much more then we could ever be,
Filling our lives with hope,
Has anybody seen my Elementary Penguin?
I didn?t think so, Where did you go?Yeah!

And we haven?t lost the fight,
Cos we?re still holding on,


Didn?t you think I wouldn?t get this far,
Didn?t you think I was wrong?
Now there?s more for you to loose then me,
I?ve seen all I?ve got to see?
And where are you?

Where are you,
Where are you?
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