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These are the chords used. During the electric solo sounding part start on an E and 
travel around the key of Bm in whatever melody you like and it will fit. Previous tab had Bb 
and Gm7 when it is actually Bm and Gmaj7.

Bm                                        Bm/A
Dust devil swept you away. Still not real.

Ash, urn, and silence.

Gmaj7         Em
Talk to me.

Dust devil swept you away.
Bm               Bm/A             Gmaj7
My recollections are all that's left of you.

Gmaj7                    F#
Swirl and sway without me

Bm                      Bm/A
Dust devil swept you away.
Gmaj7                            Em
Whirling playful dancing about you.
Bm                  Bm/A
What?s left of you is
Gmaj7                 F#
Ash and urn and this silent horizon.
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