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    Push Play

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Notes: When played lived it's performed one half-step down.

::Intro Progression: (same as Chorus):  B - F# - G#m - Eb - E - F#

::Verse 1 Progression: B - G#m - F# - E 
::Verse 1 with Lyrics:

  B                                   G#m
Lately, i'm feeling just a little bit shaky I'm looking for a girl who won't
 F#                                       E        B
talk back This and that, leave me in the dust. On page three I think i might 
                            G#m                                     F#
have found the girl of my dreams She's the kind of girl who always looks 
great Never late, a girl that i can trust

::Pre-Chorus Progression: Eb - E - F#
::Pre-Chorus with Lyrics: 

                           Eb       E                 F#
I'm turning the page right now I'm done, just so you know

::Chorus Progression:   B - F# - G#m - Eb - E - F#
::Chorus with Lyrics:

        B                           F#              G#m                Eb
I'm in love with the girl in the photograph When i look at her she's looking 
        E             F#                   B F# G#m Eb E       F#
back at me She's the girl in the magazine. Whoa, whoa, she's the girl in the 


::Interlude: B

::Verse 2::


::Chorus x 2::

::Bridge Progression: G#m - E - B - F#m
::Bridge with Lyrics: 

G#m                               E                                 B
   You know you're missin' out, baby Look at this photograph Maybe she's more 
          F#                      G#m                           E
real than you could ever be and i swear I've never been so happy
                          B                    F#
Since the day you left me She's more real than you


::Chorus x 2::

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