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    Rhythm Of Hope

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Rhythm of Hope
Written by Scott Rockenfield / Eddie Jackson / Geoff Tate

A great song from Queensryche's Tribe album. The version tabbed out here is
transcribed from their "Art of Live" DVD. The song sort of recalls older
classics such as "Silent Lucidity" and especially "Real World" (compare the
two chord progressions), but this song has a much more uplifting feel to it.

This is version 2.0, as the chorus chords were a bit off.

A fan video I made to this song, to get a taste of the original:


E |--------------------|
A |---2--------2-------|
D |----2-4------2-4----|
G |-------0--------0-2-| then go directly to strumming an open Em chord.
B |--------------------|
E |--------------------|

Verse 1:

Lying here awake again, minutes before dawn
Am                                                Em    
I hear your breathing, your heartbeat is just a song,
Lately I've been feeling less than good,
Am                                                   Em
But seeing things for the first time like I never could,


(If you have two guitars here, one can play arpeggios, and the other can play 
single power-chords - G5, F5 and A5.)

I've had my head down against the door,
Trying to get to something I couldn't find before,
That special something, that feeds my soul,
F                                   Em (play the Intro riff, then back to Em)
Is a rhythm to live by, a rhythm of hope...

Verse 2, same progression:
Something drives us onward, something gives us strength,
What makes us falter is the questions - we think:
"Who am I to fly so high? What gives me the right,"
"To dream of what could be, keep reaching for the light?"

Chorus, same progression:
And I've been standing in front of that door,
Basing my happiness on what I knew before,
Searching for something that would move my soul,
F                                     Em and now on to the solo.....
A rhythm to hold to, a rhythm to live to.....

Solo: Play G, Em, F and change quickly to Am twice. I haven't tabbed out the
solo, as it's played on a lap steel, but it's not too hard to figure out.
Slide guitar would do equally fine. Then end on G.

Final chorus, same progression:
Have you been down like this before?
F                                                             G 
I guarantee there's something waiting for you, just open that door
A rhythm to live by, that holds your soul,
A rhythm that holds you, a rhythm to live to,
And if there's one thing we all need now,
F                         Em              Play intro 3 times
It's a rhythm to live by, a rhythm of hope.....

End on an Em chord strummed with an upstroke.

That's it! May you all find something waiting for you behind that door! - G.
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