• Song:

    Im Designer (acoustic)

  • Artist:

    Queens of the stone age

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B C D# --------------------- | --------------------- | 4--x---5-----8--x--x- | 4--x---5-----8--x--x- | 2--x---3-----6--x--x- | --------------------- |
B C D# B C D# my generation's for sale, beats a steady job and so on the second part uses these chords. Hit the E , D and B twice each and then theres a little back and forth from A to B twice/ F D# B slide A to B x2 The thing that's real to us is fortune and fame F D# B slide A to B all the rest seems like work and the third part's just full on strumming using regular chords not power chords(except B x244xx)/ This might not be right but it sounds close/ B G A E It's truely a lie, I'm counterfiet myself
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