• Song:

    The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret

  • Artist:

    Queens of the stone age

  • Album:

    Rated R - Deluxe Editio...

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E5 G5 F#5 F5 
Well I've got a secret I cannot say, blame modern movement to give it away 

You've got something I understand, hold it in tightly call on command 

Leap of faith do you doubt, cut you in I just cut you out 

Look for reflections in your face, canine devotion time can't erase 

Out on the corner locked in your room , I never believe them I never assume 

Stuck in belief there is a lie, promise is promise an eye for an eye 

We've got something to reveal, no one can know how it feels 

Whatever you do don't tell anyone 
G5 A5 
I think you already know how far I'd go not to say 

You know the art isn't gone I'm taking my song to the grave
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