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I dont know if any of this is right.........
   I just use the power chords to play this song.
 Intro:   just the E chord  3 times then slide the power chord 
           down ( down in pitch)   once play that note then slide it 
            down to D and play that once..( does that make any 
            sense ? ) 

 Verse:  A5  A5  A5  A5  G5  A5  A5  E5  D5  A5  G5  A5  A5  A5  A5
 Pre-Biss:  E5  E5  E5  E5  D5  D5  D5  D5  A5  A5  A5  A5  A5  A5  A5  A5
Chorus:  i forgot the chorus but when i remember it i will 
             submit it.
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