• Song:

    Everybody's Free (to Feel Good)

  • Artist:

    Quindon Tarver

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Tom: A

            A     E/G#        F#m   E           D
Everybody?s free, everybody?s free, everybody?s free 
            A                 A7            D             A 
Everybody?s free, everybody?s free, to feel good, to feel good

F#m                   E                     D9
Brother and sister, together, will make it through, ohh yeah 
F#m                    E                      D9    E
Someday, a spirit will take you and guide you there 
  Bm                             C#m7          
I know, you?ve been hurting, but I?ve been waiting
      D9            E
to be there for you
         A                 F#m        E            D    E
And I?ll be there, just helping you out whenever I can

m?sica do v?deo "Filtro Solar"
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