• Song:

    Here With Me

  • Artist:

    REO Speedwagon

  • Album:

    The Essential REO Speed...

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Here With Me
  D (xx0232@1)                                      CMaybe (x32010@1)it's too late but this feeling is running through my soul
   Em (022000@1)                                      CI (x32010@1)think I've learned what love is but I'm afraid I've let it go.
  D (xx0232@1)                                CMaybe (x32010@1)it's too late. Maybe you've already changed your mind. You've 
        Em (022000@1)                       Cturned (x32010@1)loving into leaving and I'm on the outside.

         D (xx0232@1)                                       CYou (x32010@1)can take these words to bed with you and hold on to them at night. 
    D (xx0232@1)               C (x32010@1)   
It can't erase the emptiness and make everything alright. Cause' your 
   Bm (x24432@1)               C (x32010@1)                               Bmlaughter (x24432@1)and your tenderness will never disappear. No matter where you 
C (x32010@1)                          A (x02220@1)      Dare (xx0232@1)tonight apart of you is here with me. 

 D (xx0232@1)      A (x02220@1)    Em (022000@1)                           C (x32010@1)            AHere (x02220@1)with me. I don't know where you are all I know is I need you to be 
 D (xx0232@1)      A (x02220@1)    Em (022000@1)                            C (x32010@1)                        
Here with me. I know it's not too late to turn around and get it straight 
          A (x02220@1)                       Dit's (xx0232@1)my faith to have you here with me. 

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