• Song:

    I Believe Our Time Is Gonna Come

  • Artist:

    REO Speedwagon

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(I Believe)Our Time Is Gonna Come
REO Speedwagon
From the Album-"REO"
Written by Kevin Cronin
Tabbed by Ray Scheidler


   G (320003@1) Am (x02210@1)C (x32010@1) D (xx0232@1) EmCaddD (022000@1)  F (133211@1) Fsus4E--3-----------2--------------1----1----------| (113311@1)B------1---1---3-------3------1----1----------|

Intro: G Am Am Am Am  G 
Am (x02210@1)name="chord_x02210@1">Am Am (x02210@1)C (x32010@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D D (xx0232@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D D (xx0232@1)      C (x32010@1)name="chord_022000@1">Em (Play twice)

     G (320003@1)name="chord_x02210@1">Am      G (320003@1)name="chord_x02210@1">Am       C (x32010@1) D (xx0232@1)  
 C Em
You touched me      you took me away       you

 G (320003@1)Am (x02210@1)        G (320003@1)name="chord_x02210@1">Am          C (x32010@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D  
              C (x32010@1)name="chord_022000@1">Em
Left me confused    when you said you couldn't stay

     G (320003@1)name="chord_x02210@1">Am      G (320003@1)name="chord_x02210@1">Am                 C (x32010@1)        C (x32010@1)name="chord_022000@1">Em
But now I know      what you were tryin' to say

F (133211@1)                   Em (022000@1)             AmI (x02210@1)can understand that I'm not the only one

   CaddD           G (320003@1)           FBut (133211@1)I believe our time is gonna come

   G (320003@1)name="chord_x02210@1">Am       G (320003@1)name="chord_x02210@1">Am        C (x32010@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D      
 C Em
I dream of you    through every night

      G (320003@1)  Am (x02210@1)        G (320003@1) AmBut (x02210@1)you're not risin' with me

            C (x32010@1)D (xx0232@1)        C (x32010@1)EmSo (022000@1)I don't wanna see the light

     G (320003@1)Am (x02210@1)           G (320003@1)name="chord_x02210@1">Am      C (x32010@1)              C (x32010@1)name="chord_022000@1">Em
Even if you can't come over I'm hopin' that you might

  F (133211@1)                   Em (022000@1)               Am'Cause (x02210@1)when you're not here nothing's any fun

   CaddD           G (320003@1)           F (133211@1)name="chord_113311@1">Fsus4 Fsus4 (113311@1)name="chord_133211@1">F
But I believe our time is gonna come

CaddD          G (320003@1)           DI (xx0232@1)believe our time is gonna come

CaddD          G (320003@1)           D+ (xx0232@1)Riff below
I believe our time is gonna come


CaddD          GI (320003@1)believe our time is gonna

F (133211@1)            Em (022000@1)         Intro Riff
I believe our time is gonna come

Repeat first verse

Then chorus

Then Asus4

Then outro solo on intro riff ad nauseum

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