• Song:

    That Aint Love

  • Artist:

    REO Speedwagon

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Tabbed by toolswolf@yahoo.com

Bm (x24432@1)G (320003@1) A (x02220@1) Fm# (244222@1)name="chord_x24432@1">Bm  G (320003@1) A (x02220@1)name="chord_x24432@1">Bm  G (320003@1) A (x02220@1) Fm# (244222@1)name="chord_320003@1">G   A (x02220@1)
BmYou (x24432@1)tell me what you think I'm feelin'
    AYou (x02220@1)know why I do what I do
               GWhy (320003@1)should you listen to a word I'm sayin'
           A (x02220@1)                             Em (022000@1)  GWhen (320003@1)it's already so clear to you

You tell me 'bout my bad intentions
You doubt the very things I hold true
I can no longer live with your misconceptions
Baby all I can say to you, is

            Bm (x24432@1)    D (xx0232@1)                     G (320003@1)                   AThat (x02220@1)ain't love, I believe you've got the wrong emotion
            Bm (x24432@1)      D (xx0232@1)                 G (320003@1)                      AThat (x02220@1)ain't love, at least it doesn't feel like love to me
              GAs (320003@1)long as I say what you wanna hear
A (x02220@1)                                     F# (244322@1)                        BmDo (x24432@1)what you wanna do, be who you want me to be
                  A (x02220@1)             G (320003@1)        A (x02220@1)    Bm (x24432@1)           
You think that's love, well baby that ain't love to me
Bm (x24432@1)  G (320003@1) A. (x02220@1).  More verses
Bm  A
D (xx0232@1)You keep tellin' me

You know a place where your life would be better
                                          G (320003@1)     F#m (244222@1)  EYou're (022100@1)makin' plans long-range
A (x02220@1)                            F#m (244222@1)          BmBut (x24432@1)I don't know how you expect to get there
G (320003@1)                          AWhen (x02220@1)you refuse to change - yeah


Bm (x24432@1)G (320003@1) A (x02220@1) Fm# (244222@1)name="chord_x24432@1">Bm  G (320003@1) A (x02220@1) Fm# (244222@1)name="chord_320003@1">G     A (x02220@1)REPEAT CHORUS


Bm (x24432@1)G (320003@1) A (x02220@1) Fm# (244222@1)
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