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Rachael Yamagata
Dealbreaker                Key: G

Intro: G5 D5 E5


G5               D5                       E5
I found that record you'd been looking for yesterday
C5                G5             D5
The one I'd been searching for forever

G5                 D5                       E5
I played that record all night, you were right
The last song said it all
C5                G5          D5
Even though it skipped a bit, it sounded better


G5        D(?)        E5
I never, I never, I never knew
The only way to listen to a record like that
   C5                D5
Is to play it through

G5           D5         E5
But all of this means nothing
A5           C5          D5
Yeah, all of this means nothing
G5         D5        E5
All of this means nothing
A5        G5
           Without you

C5 G5 C5 G5


I packed up the car and started to drive
Without a plan, with no direction

You said it'd be good for me
To break out of my daily routine
You were always trying to teach some lesson


You wanted, you wanted, you wanted me
To feel the open road with the wind on my face
Well, I'm here and I'm finally free



You and I were partners in crime
Petty thieves in a line up
But somehow we wound up here

I'm looking at a letter that I wrote to you long ago
I wouldn't even know now where to send it
It's funny how it all poured out on paper
If only I had found a way to tell you

If only, if only, if only you
Had found a way to love me for who I am
The way that I loved you

But all of this means nothing
Yeah, all of this means nothing
All of this means nothing
Without, without, without, without, without you
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