• Song:

    In Your Arms

  • Artist:

    Rachel Holder

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Capo 5
G5                                C5             E5          C5            G5
When the waves dash against the boulders and my ships sail on an angry sea.
  G5                                  C5           E5        C5 
 I feel your hand rest gently on my shoulder you guide me home and seal the 
storm in me.
          C5                       G5                   E5
 In your arms i'm safe inside a harbor. In your arms my heart 
     C5        G5              C5                   G5       E5
can rest at ease. Walk with me beside the quiet waters, in your arms is 
C5               G5
where I long to be.

  G5                            C5        E5
 Even if the rainbows colors faded and the sun stopped 
C5             G5      G5                               C5         E5
shining from above. No power on earth nor anything created could ever 
         C5             G5
seperate me from your love.

Repeat chorus 2x

 E5              C5              G5
In your arms is where I long to be.
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