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G Bm C G Bm C D G

G                     Bm         C
it's hard to keep the rainclouds out

when the windows never close

                       Bm        C
the house feels like a graveyard now

                              D       C
like the floorboards hide the bones

             G      D         C
and I--------I have lost your face

                    G       D        C
it slips between my fingers now

             G     D        C
and al-------l the world is gray

as though you took the colors with you

when you went and passed away


G Bm G Bm C G D C D

G                 Bm       G
I remember how the bedroom looked

                          Bm          C
when you left to see your lord

the sheets were a mess

         D                C
and your clothes were all wrecked

in a pile by the door

Em            Bm             C          G      D
and though my blood runs the same as it did before

Em   Bm            C                       D
only difference is now I barely feel it anymore

G                      Bm        G
so I collected all our plans and crimes

                 Bm           C
and set them all alight

                    G        D       C
the only thing that bound me to this place

you took with you when you died

so goodbye, goodbye


G Bm G Bm C G D C D x2 


-Ben Malley
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