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Tabbed by Sam Wallis


Guitar 1:

e | --------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 
B | --------3------------3---------------3------------3------------------------ | 
G | -----2-----2--0/2-------2---------2-----2--0/2-------2--------------------- | 
D | --0---------------0------------0---------------0--------------------------- | 
A | --------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 
E | --------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 

 |  a lot then:

e | --------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 
B | --------3---------3------------------3---------3--------------------------- | 
G | -----0---------0-----0------------0---------0-----0------------------------ | 
D | -----------0/2--------------------------0/2-------------------------------- | 
A | --3------------------------------------------------------------------------ | 
E | -------------------------------3------------------------------------------- | 

Guitar 2:

   D5                            C5         G5        D5

e | -2--------2--3--5----------------2--0----------------------------------------- | 
B | ------3------------3---0--3--/5---------3--3--0--3---------------------------- | 
G | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | 
D | -------------------------------------------------0---------------------------- | 
A | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | 
E | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | 

VERSE ( C=C5 )

the cross in the middle of the room

but the ghost who sleeps in the kitchen sink
and the one who shines my shoes all put the money in a bag
and left the house before the blizzards came

the summer's got his teeth in me again

but my bones are sweating and my clothes are gone

and i can't get enough to drink
           C5                        G5                    D5
so now the place to be is where the moonlight never blinks
        C5                            G5                             D5
and i'd love to explain but truth be told i'm not sure what to think
so now i'm going to bed

i woke up with my head stuffed full of fog

beyond it out into the livingroom

until i couldn't see the floors or walls
           C5                         G5                  D5
and as the sun cut through i finally found a place to lay
the skeleton in my closet left his home

now he sits up on the rooftop and shouts my secrets with a megaphone
           C5                            G5                       D5
and as the shit hit the fan i packed my bags and caught the train
        C5                                    G5                  D5
and i'd like to point the finger but there's no one left to blame
            C5               G5                      D5
now there's nothing left to protect me from the rain

and it's really coming down..


     D5           G5          B5            A5

e | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 
B | ---------3-----------3-----------3---------------------------------------------- | 
G | ------2-----2-----2-----2-----2-----2---------2--------------------------------- | 
D | ---0---------------------------------------2-----2------------------------------ | 
A | ---------------------------2------------0--------------------------------------- | 
E | ---------------3---------------------------------------------------------------- | 

 | played throughout following:

D5                               G5
it's the thought that burns you out
         B5                     A5
it's the hook that drags you under
             D5                  G5
and it's the grin that rats you out
       B5               A5
it's a snowstorm in the summer
         D5                   G5
it's the sky that spoils the cloud
         B5                 A5
it's the burn marks on your mother
             D5                      G5
and it's the thought that burns you out
         B5                  A5
it's the hook that drags you under and so on..


e | ------------5-----------5--3-2-------------5-----------7-5--------------- | 
B | --3--2/3-3-----3-2/3-3---------3----2/3-3-----3-2/3-3------3------------- | 
G | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 
D | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 
A | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 
E | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 

e | ----------5-----------5--3-2-------------5-----------/7------------------ | 
B | ---2/3-3-----3-2/3-3---------3----2/3-3-----3-2/3-3---------------------- | 
G | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 
D | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 
A | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 
E | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 

D5          C5                               G5
boring and twisting.. a moth stuck in the ground
           C5          G5
has made a house of your lightbulbs
D5           C5
mottled and crooked
  G5             D5
a hiccup in the sound
          C5         G5
is like a smudge on the tv
       C5         G5
like a crick in your neck
     C5             G5     D5
like mistakes that you never regret

         B5             A5
it's the look upon your face
         D5                 G5
it's the rat that lost the race
         B5              A5
it's the shivers in your spine
         D5                  G5
it's the heart you'll never find
         B5           A5
it's the names in wet cement
         D5                G5
it's the things you can't forget
         B5              A5
it's the fear of growing old
         D5                 G5
it's the life you'll never know
         B5                A5
it's the scratches in your teeth
         D5                 G5
it's the time you left for weeks
         B5                  A5           D5
it's the age when you didn't care, darling

D5             C5
cutthroat and ambling
    G5                 D5
the help that's never around
            C5        G5
just like a wish on your birthday
D5         C5
tired and empty
G5                   D5
attacks on what you found
          C5   G5
is like a spot on invention
       C5       G5
like a bug in your food
       C5            G5          D5
like a thing that's too good to be true.. and so.

Outro - D5 C5 G5
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