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C5 A5 C5 A5 

G5 F5   G5 F5 E5 A5

A5                     G5     E5
Skies black, cold and vacant now
D5           A5
I sat on the hillside
The stars up above me
Like pinholes in velvet
I listened to the song
       E5               A5
That I hoped I'd never hear

A5        G5    E5
And off behind me
D5             A5
Guns snap like insects
We're fighting for causes
We don't really fathom
But we'll charge ahead
         E5              A5
Bloodied hands feed the flames


A5         G5   C5    E5
Their guns all rain down

A5 G5 F5 C5

C5                             A5  E5 F5
Say your prayers, fall and run
G5                          A5 G5 F5
This is do or die this time
C5                                  A5 G5
Raise your fist, give 'em hell boys
Let's make them wish they'd never lived

A5                                G5    E5
My eyes locked with a boy on the other side
D5                       A5
Hands dropped, he stood defenseless
But he wasn't frightened
His face was accepting
But I couldn't pull
           E5               A5
I couldn't pull, I couldn't pull

   A5 G5     C5   E5  A5
And I could see it clear
   A5   G5   C5   E5  A5
To fall was not my fear
   A5   G5   C5    E5  
To make one fall was

        C5                 F5               C5
And the chaos returned, I backed into the trees
        A5          E5                F5           G5
Left my guns on the ground, wiped the mud from my knees
      C5                        F5            C5
And I knew in my heart that my old life was gone
                A5       C5          G5
That in walking away, my name was undone
So I might as well run

A5 G5 A5 G5
A5 G5 A5 C5 G5
A5 G5 A5 G5
A5 G5 A5 C5 

C5     G5   A5    C5   A5      G5  A5  C5   A5  D5  G5    E5   F5    C5
Parts and bones and strings of secrets cut the ties that bind me
C5 G5     A5    C5  A5  G5  A5    C5  A5 D5    G5    E5  F5 C5
I might dream myself as king, but I ain't made for ruling

                    A5 G5
Just live another day, 

and I can find another way (3x)
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