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Better build your house on a rock 
Or watch it crumble and fail 
                  E5   B5               E5       
Better build your love with hammer and nails 
E5                           A5          
I see it in the darkness as if it was broad daylight 
  E5                                           B5  
I feel it down inside my soul when I hold you tight 
   E5                            A5     
It takes much more than passion for love to prevail 
               E5  B5              E5    
Gotta raise it up with hammer and nails 

Refr?o -------------
           A5   D5                        E5 
Hammer and nails we're gonna build this love  
          A5               B5 
Faith and hope, flesh and blood 
E5                                           A5 
Lay that firm foundation down to the last detail 
                E5   B5               E5 
Gonna build our love with hammer and nails
You build one room for laughter, you build one room for tears 
This ain't no game, no house of cards, It?s gonna take us years 
A vow thats's only spoken comes to no avail 
Put'em in your hands, hammer and nails 
Gonna build our love with hammer and nails
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