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I know just what you're talking about 
We've all got hopes and dreams and doubts 
E                         Am 
When your heart is on the line 
Some walk the walk, some just like flirting 
Some talk the talk and then leave you hurting 
E                   Am 
I'm not the hurting kind 

Refr?o -------------
          C                      Em                   F          Dm 
Everybody knows that love is the finest thing in this world, I believe  
You can spend a lifetime  
         Em                  F  
Running away if you want to, girl 
       F7M                                  Am 
But if love is what you want, I got what you need
Baby, ain't nothing like living the truth 

Saying what you mean and meaning what you do 

I'm not gonna waste your time 

Trust me baby I'll be there for you 

Body, heart, and soul to cling to 

I know we can fly 
I got what you need 
When all your faith is gone 
When darkness waits before the dawn 
C                                 G    C  
I'll be there to help you make it through 
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