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Capo 3 
Young man full of pride don't need much hope  
C9                                G 
Thinks he's got it made even when he don't  
Bm                   C        Bm                     C 
Thinks that all he's got to do is order up a beer or two  
C                                      D 
And make work what everybody tells him won't 
He don't care what all those people say  

He's got to bend the world his own way  

He's got dreams, he's got no doubts, you're either in or you're out 

It's better to burn than it is too fade  

Refr?o -------------
C9                D 
You want to feel the wind  
G             G/F#   Em 
You've got to take a ride  
C9            D 
You better dream big  
Bm                       C9 
If you want to touch the sky  
C9        D                 Em 
You can't be scared to risk it all  
No, you're never gonna fly  
D                   G 
If you're afraid to fall
Old man don't waste time with regret  

He's made mistakes along the way and yet 

He smiles as he's looking back  

He says, 'I'd do it all again, in fact,  

You learn something new with every single scar you get'  
C9        D              Bm                C9 
I guess it's true that time really does slip away  
C9                      D 
You only lose with chances you don't take  
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