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C       F   G     
----------------  Play intro 4 times. 
C                        F                 G  
Baby It's a scarey old world we're livin' in 
      C                 F                       G 
Sometimes it's hard to tell with a really old friend 
      Am                                   F 
But there's not much I'm sure of but one thing is the gospel truth 
Am                                     F  
I wouldn't be so damn afraid or what's on the evening news 
G                                       F            G  
If I could just wake up every morning lying next to you 

Refr?o -------------
F           G 
Hold on to me another minute  
C                      Am 
Treasure every second while we're in it 
       F                   G 
This love so strong  baby let it linger on 
          F               G  
Hang on tight and let's chase tomorrow  
C                  Am 
Share the dreams survive the sorrow 
       F                     G 
This scarey old world baby honestly 
                F     G                C  
It sure needs lovers just like you and me
C                  F                 G    
Baby I think it's time we made our move 
C                   F               G   
Do the things that only true lovers do 
Am                             F 
I need you right here with me every single step 
Am                                     F 
I'll give you this heart and soul and pray that God will help 
G                              F              G 
Be our shelter from the storm til my dying breath 
to chorus, lead, "yeah" to chorus, to ending 
                             C F G                              C F G 
Radney: Just like you and me        Cheyl: Just like you and me 
                                  C F G                             C F G 
Radney: Baby just like you and me        Both: Just like you and me
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