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C       F   G     
----------------  Play intro 4 times. 
C5                        F5                 G5  
Baby It's a scarey old world we're livin' in 
      C5                 F5                       G5 
Sometimes it's hard to tell with a really old friend 
      A5                                   F5 
But there's not much I'm sure of but one thing is the gospel truth 
A5                                     F5  
I wouldn't be so damn afraid or what's on the evening news 
G5                                       F5            G5  
If I could just wake up every morning lying next to you 

Refr?o -------------
F5           G5 
Hold on to me another minute  
C5                      A5 
Treasure every second while we're in it 
       F5                   G5 
This love so strong  baby let it linger on 
          F5               G5  
Hang on tight and let's chase tomorrow  
C5                  A5 
Share the dreams survive the sorrow 
       F5                     G5 
This scarey old world baby honestly 
                F5     G5                C5  
It sure needs lovers just like you and me
C5                  F5                 G5    
Baby I think it's time we made our move 
C5                   F5               G5   
Do the things that only true lovers do 
A5                             F5 
I need you right here with me every single step 
A5                                     F5 
I'll give you this heart and soul and pray that God will help 
G5                              F5              G5 
Be our shelter from the storm til my dying breath 
to chorus, lead, "yeah" to chorus, to ending 
                             C5 F5 G5                              C5 F5 G5 
Radney: Just like you and me        Cheyl: Just like you and me 
                                  C5 F5 G5                             C5 F5 G5 
Radney: Baby just like you and me        Both: Just like you and me
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