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Das Alte Leid - Rammstein

By: Jon Craven (i_apathy@hotmail.com)
For questions, comments, feedback, an outline of the timing for the
riffs, write the address above.

  -The tempo seems somewhere between 65 and 66 bpm; using a metrinome,
you will notice it seems off.
  -All riffs are slapped.

(4/4 with changes noted)(66 bpm)
Standard tuning

+ - note held for a sixteenth beat
R - quarter rest
r - eighth rest

Chorus: (x8)(0:16)

Verse: (x8)(0:45)

Chorus (x4)
Verse (x7)

Fill 1: (1:55)

Chorus (x8)
Rest for two measures
Chorus (x8)
Rest for four measures
Verse (x7)

Fill 2: (3:51)

Chorus (x24)
Rest till end
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