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Listen to the song as you read, this won't make sense otherwise. All comments welcome. ;) 

Intro: Play G# barre chord, hammer off/on strings 6 and 5 when appropriate. 
After the initial G# part of the intro, the chord progression is: 
Ab C# Ab C# Eb C# (x3)

Ab                                   C#
With a hole in my head I looked for you
Ab                                             C#
through the trenches of war the whole world through
Eb                                           C#
my desire to leave with you I just cant constrain

Regret everything Ive done so far
when the pillars of love are all blown apart
I stumble through the rubble and decay

When Im terrified I close my eyes
when Im sad and blue I choose to fight
heartbreak only can take you to the other side

My impression of you is hard to comprehend
when two people have no time to spend
you?re the dreamiest girl that ever entered my life

The bliss I feel knowing youre delirious
makes me feel oh so imperious
when the longing comes Ill fight it till the end

When all broken dreams are glued back together
and theres nothing to talk about not even the weather
and all rivals are all laid to rest

When in purity I silently reach for you
when scarecrows shivered and the corn fields too
Ive reached my goal of eternity with you

When that hateful restless feeling does subside
and your perfume lingers coolly in my night
I'm fit to leave this war behind

I recharge and revolt
my time has come
And Im tempted to duel
even the sun
Ill dodge the rays
and kill it with my gun 

Outro: Fade out on the same chords. 

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