• Song:

    Its Not Easy With Zolof The Rock And Roll Destroyer

  • Artist:

    Reel Big Fish

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It's Not Easy - Reel Big Fish Feat. Rachel Minton of Zolof The Rock and Roll Destroyer
(Originally from the film 'Pete's Dragon'; Composed by Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn)

Now please remember, this is my first ever tab.
I've also transcribed this based on the orginal-
the one from Pete's Dragon - which happens to be
a lot slower, and a bit more cuddly - because that's
the only one I've been able to find any sheet music
to base it on. This is not a direct copy of the original,
I've changed it a little to match with the RBF/Zolof version.

Basically, just play the chords with a ska-rhythm;
that's the only difference. Also, remember this is my
very first ever tab and therefore I don't exactly know
the correct formatting of a tab - that's why I've just
done the chords. I'm an awful guitarist, and I can't
even play some of these chords - only one or two of them,
that is, but if they sound dodgy, I've kept those ones the
same as the original. (For what it's worth, I may as well tell
you I am left handed and play a right-handed guitar upside-down.)


(Verse 1)

C G  Am      Dm7       G7
  He has the head of a camel,
      C    G/B    Am    Am7
  the neck of   a crocodile
     Dm7           G7
  It sounds rather strange
C G    Am     Dm7        G7
  He's both a fish and a mammal
  E7    Am   Am7   Bm D7  Dm7/G       G7       
  And I hope he'll never change

(Chorus 1)

'Cause it's not easy
        Gm7/C           C7
To find someone who cares
         F       Fmaj7   Fm6
It's not easy to find    magic in pairs
I'm glad I found him
  Em        Gm7             C7    F       Dm7
I love him, I won't let him get away

       G7       C             Dm7       G7sus4
'Cause it's not easy.

Dm7         G7       C7    F       C
     'Cause it's not easy.

Am      Em                Em7   F                      C           C7
Life is lollipops and raindrops       with the one you love
F   Fmaj7  F7  Em7            Am7    
Someone        you can always be with
Em7       Am7              Dm         Dm/C
Argue and agree with
Dm/B      Dm/A    G7sus4   G7
Climb the highest tree     with.

Dm7   C/E   F         Am/F#       F/G
  Oh, I had one friend by my side....
G7           C               C7/Bb         F/A
  Now I have two...
  G7          C              C7/Bb         F/A
  Him and you...
  G7         C               F
  Him and me...
  And it's so easy.

(Verse 2)
You say the head of a camel
The neck of a crocodile
And the ears of a cow!
It's clear that friends can be different
Yes, I understand you now

(Chorus 2)
It's not easy to find someone who cares
It's not easy to find magic in pairs
Now that you have him, hold him
Treasure him from day to day.
It's so easy.

(Chorus 3)
It's not easy to share somebody's dream
It gets easy
When you work as a team
You've got to tend it, fan it
That's what I plan to do.
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