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    Relient K

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A                  F#m               
No one told me the right way
The right way to go about this
        D                    A          
So I?ll figure it out for myself
      A                       F#m     
Cause how much is too much to give you
Well I may never know so 
          D                          A               
I?ll just give until there?s nothing else

Yeah I?ll give, give, give, until there?s nothing else
Give my life, until it all runs out
Bm                   D                           
Give, give, and I?ll have no regrets
     E                  D                  A                
I?ll give until there?s nothing left, I?ll give

A                         F#m
No one told me how bad I need you
            E                     D              A
But I somehow arrived at that conclusion all by myself
   A                      F#m
And I want all you have to offer
            E                       D                         A
So I?ll offer myself and I?ll just give until there?s nothing else

chorus 2x

Sometime it seems like all I ever do
Is ask for things, until I ask too much of you
But that?s not the way that I want to live
G                                       D              
I need to change and something?s got to give
Yeah something?s got to ...

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