• Song:

    Hello Mcfly

  • Artist:

    Relient K

  • Album:

    The 1st Three Gears

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TAB Bass Intro: 
(G)-------------------------------I (Plays twice then guiatars come in) 
Guitar 1: 
Guitar 2: 
(E)-x--x--x-x-x-x--x--x--x-x-x-x-I TAB 
All the guiatars play these parts at the same time (6 times) 
Verse 1: (Palm muted power chords) 
B                 E              
A roll of the dice, a slip of the tongue 
I was stirring up the hornets nest  
   E              (no chord) 
It finally got me stung... Whoa-oa-a 
B                              E 
Thought I'd do the right thing thought the wrong was done 
It was over excused my cover 
        E          (no chord) 
But the fat lady's sung... Whoa-oa-a 
Chorus: (Back up vocals in brackets) 
B               F#         E              B 
And I wish I was Micheal J Fox (Micheal J Fox) 
              F# (MUTE )                   E               B 
I'd visit the past, then come back to the future (Hello Mcfly) 
Yeah, I'd clean up my act...   (Slow tempo down) 
    B B     B              E       E  E 
And I don't know what went through my head 
       C#  C#     C#           F#   F#  F# 
Was my conscience shot? Was it left for dead? 
  B    B   B         C# C#  C# 
I said I'm sorry but no one heard 
    F   (<---- let that chord fade out) 
Cuz actions (Actions) (Actions) Actions speak louder than words! 
(Then on '...louder than WORDS' do the intro again 4 times) 
Verse 2: 
B                                 E 
I think I make God angry yeah I'm sure that he's Irate 
       F#                        E         (no chord) 
I just hope my remorse was not a little to late... Whoa-oa-a 
B                              E 
Given my track record, he gave me a clean slate 
       F#                           E         (no chord) 
I'm forgiven and I'm living with no sin on my plate... Whoa-oa-a 
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