• Song:

    In Love With The 80s

  • Artist:

    Relient K

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F5                    C5
So it was Jeremy in nineteen eighty-three in his
G5                  Bb5
Ocean Pacific tee who got a bloody knee

On his skateboard in the half pipe

in the backyard that Tuesday night

CHORUS 1(strum pattern changes)

F5      C5          G5         Bb5
  And im only gonna pierce my left ear
F5                C5              G5       Bb5          F5
  And i've been workin on this mustache all summer long
          C5                  G5         Bb5
  And my favorite band will always be tears for fears
F5         C5           G5                Bb5     G5               C5 
  And im gonna wear a pink tux to the prom (a pink tux to the prom )

Verse progression:

Skippin class out the first-floor window he's
drivin fast cuz he never did a thing slow
and i look up to my big bro
cuz in the eighties all the ladies grabbed his hand and couldnt let go

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