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    Orange Crush

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 																																													Orange Crush Tab									by Rem tabs |											tabbed by Douglas Baird | 									comments (6) 																																													1																							2																							3																							4																							5																																															  4 votes 								 																	 									print																																							 									send																																							 									report																																																																																																													More versions:																																																																																																																																			Ver 2																																																																																																																																Ver 3																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																								Recommended tabs																																																											If you like Orange Crush Tab by Rem you might also like these songs:																									Losing My Religion Bass Tabby Rem																									Im Yours Tabby Jason Mraz																									Hotel California Tabby Eagles																																																																																																																																Orange Crush Lyricsby Rem Lyrics																						Orange Crush Tabat 911Tabs.com																																																						 																																																																																																																																																																																												 																																																																																																																												+ to speed up (numpad)															- to slow down (numpad)															Esc to stop																												Help																																																																																																																																																											Orange Crush tab by Rem, www.Ultimate-Guitar.Com																																													Listen to Orange Crush																																														Add to favourites																																																																																														tf_artist = "Rem";											tf_song = "Orange Crush";																																																												=============================================================================
			     ORANGE CRUSH - R.E.M
Tabbed by: Douglas Baird
E-mail: alistair_baird@lineone.net

This is only my first Tab so I'm sorry if there is any mistakes.
I haven't seen any good versions of this song so here is my version:

                       Most of the song goes like this

                      The middle section goes like this
   G[-------------------0-----------------2-----------------] x2

                      Then you go back to the first part

         At the "na na" parts you can play like this if you like
           na... na... na... na...

Just like Peter Buck I've listened to this song over threehundred
times and I still don't know what its about.																																															Orange Crush Lyrics																																																	tf_artist = "Rem";											tf_song = "Orange Crush";																															         																																																																																																		

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