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Dm7   D79

Am7   Em/A    Am7     Em/A      

Am7                Em/A                 Am7             Em/A      
Where we threw the stone The stream ran warm inside the sun

Am7               Em/A             Dm7
Along the bank we walked        So clear that day

Worn by time, dust and weeds

Dm7                             Am7     Em/A            Am7      Em/A
Light and dark fell through the leaves

Am7                Em/A               Am7               Em/A      
Where we sometimes laughed So full of light and morning mist

Am7                   Em/A                 Dm7
We walked beneath the trees             So clear that day

Stark in winter, shadows black

Dm7                          Am7                Em/A            Am7   
Still in my mind, no turning back (We sometimes laughed the day we threw

the stone)

Dm7    D7 9

D    Em    Em7   D

D       Em       Em7            D        D      Em       Em7    D
Forever changing Light and dark horizons Always turning, moving on
D       Em       Em7          D        D           Em
Forever changing Near and far horizons And changes take the day
Em                  D
Forever gone

Where we sometimes were Our words still swirl all around
Whispers come and go So clear that day
Some tomorrow other words
Blend with ours, their voices heard And sometimes we heard our words
that swirl and dance around
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