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These are the chords (dumbed down) as far as i can tell, let me know if you find a
way to play it.

Intro: Do something with A

The Verses go like this: A, E, Fm, D

The Chorus is A and Fm

Verse 1
They were gonna meet
AOn (x02220@1)a rocky mountain street
ETwo (022100@1)bashful hearts beat in advance
Fm (133111@1)                                         D (xx0232@1)Verse 2
Their hands were gonna sweat
It was all set
She ain't showed up yet
Still a good chance

It's love untold
       A (x02220@1)   FmIt's (133111@1)love untold
       A (x02220@1)   Fm (133111@1)Verse 3
Checking on her face
Checks his sleeve for his ace
And both just in case wear clean underwear

Verse 4
Games would be played
Excuses would be made
The stupid things they said
In their prayers

Chorus 2
Oh about a love untold
It's a love untold

Soft hands move across blank white pages
AThinking (x02220@1)of words for my silent lips and fingers to obey
E (022100@1)                                                      Fm (133111@1)       
               A (x02220@1)Verse 5
They were gonna meet on a crummy little street
It never came to be I'm told
Does anyone recall the saddest love of all?
The one that lets you fall nothing to hold?

Chorus 3
It's the love untold
Once upon a love untold
Just another love untold
They were gonna meet on a crummy little street
We were gonna meet on a crummy little street

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